Customers Love Us

Our customer relationships are the most important part of our business. The majority of our work comes from current customers or referrals and that only comes with trust and confidence in our work. We use our experience in business to make sure nothing has been missed when planning and that there are no nasty surprises along the way and that’s why our customer relationships last.

Platforms Just Work

We use the latest methods when developing software for our customers ensuring they don’t just work now but are future proofed. Our software can easily be updates with the latest versions as internet browsers move on and with regular security updates as part of your maintenance agreement your data is safe in our hands.

We Know Our Stuff

We’ve developed over 30 pieces of software for companies of various sizes and are proud to say every project has been delivered on time and on budget. Our developers are constantly developing their skills and knowledge to apply to your next project. We don’t know everything, no one does but a good software developer will always challenge themselves.

We Understand Business

Our senior management team of 3 have more than 43 years’ experience designing and implementing systems and processes for companies, and because we owned most of them we know better than most the impact that good and bad systems will have. We know time is money, we know your customers matter and we deliver time and time again, no matter the circumstances.

Awesome Support

Our systems are built to the highest standard and tested relentlessly but sometimes the unexpected happens. Yes, we have a standard support contract, Monday to Friday 9-5, but we don’t just stop there. Our active reporting means that we will normally know about a problem even before you do. Serious problems are normally fixed before you get in the next day, even out of hours

We Get It Right

For software to work well it needs four things, great planning, awesome development, relentless testing and first class support and we get it right. Our software is developed in bite size chunks giving our customers time to test as the project moves forward. This gives us and the customer the chance to make small changes to make it even better.