Coffee and a Chat

We take the time to understand what you want and help you explore other possibility’s, we normally do this over a coffee or a beer if you prefer. If you have already got a plan of what your new software needs to do, great; if not our project manager aka Kevin will guide you through the process of designing your system.


Using the extensive notes taken over our coffee (or beer) we create a detailed scope. The scope will include all the major sections you need with an explanation of how it will work. We might meet to go through this or have a chat on the phone. Normally we will show you some systems with functionality similar to your new software. Any changes needed are made and a final scope agreed

Build in Stages

We build our systems in stages that we call modules. Each stage is released put in the cloud for you to test, the number of stages will depend on your project. Building in this way lets you see your software evolve and can give you ideas how to refine and improve on the design even before you launch, it also helps to stop those ‘O Dear’ moments. Each stage has release notes (instructions) so you know exactly how it works.

Final Sign Off

When the last stage is finished the whole system is ready to test. Normally within 2 weeks any changes needed are completed, agreed training given and the project signed off as complete. Your system is already live, we just need to wipe any test data you entered and you’re all set.


Systems we create don’t normally stay still, they grow and evolve as your company does. We love working with clients that are always asking ‘what if’, looking for ways to improve their systems and processes. We are on hand to work with you every step of the way.

Our Stack