Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms are normally offered to your customers on a monthly or transaction fee basis generating an income stream. A SaaS platform can be created to do anything, you just need a great idea which you might already have and a company experienced in delivering first class systems time and time again.

Payments and Subscriptions

All of our Saas Platforms come with a secure payment gateway accepting VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Dynamic subscriptions can take regular payments from your customers for continued use of the platform based of any criteria you have.


Any SaaS platform will have an element of support questions from its users to the platform owner. Our intuitive design and extensive testing limits this, if it isn’t obvious what they need to do we change it. Our interactive help suite can answer most questions your customers have without them ever having to contact you. If you welcome the questions and want to go that extra mile we just hook in a live web chat facility.

Proactive Monitoring

We spend a lot of time testing all our systems, eradicating any pesky errors. When they do appear, we have a proactive monitoring and support utility in all our systems meaning that we will know you had an error before you even call us. The logs we receive identify the problem and allow us to resolve 95% of errors within 10 minutes.

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