What is a CRM?

A Client Relationship Management System (CRM) helps your business to manage all aspects of your customer journey, makes your business more streamlined, gives information at your fingertips and most importantly makes you more money. Our Bespoke CRM’s are built from the ground up and tailored to your business processes, with usability at the heart. Our modular building style allows us to create a CRM specific to you while keeping the development cost to a minimum.

Tailored to You

Our methodical specification process gets under the skin of your business to understand your requirements. We work quite informally, spending time with you and your team, identifying possible productivity increases and working them into the design. We don’t believe in a ‘One Glove Fits All’ approach.

Increase Productivity

No business is perfect; most have areas they know to be unproductive but just can’t get the answer to resolve it. By understanding these from the outset we design unique ways to overcome these obstacles. Whether it’s a daily Excel process that needs to be automated or an outdated filing system that needs to be digitised, we have the answers.

Cost Effective

Most businesses have standard functions they want their CRM to do like: Diary Events, Letters, Client Notes, Document Archives, Quotes and Invoices. These modules have already been created to make a significant saving on the development cost. The cleaver bit is stitching these together with your unique processes in the middle.

Proactive Monitoring and Support

We spend a lot of time testing all our systems before they go out the door, eradicating those pesky errors. When they do happen, we have a proactive monitoring and support utility in our systems meaning that we will probably know you had an error before you do. More than half the time taken to fix a bug is understanding what it is. The logs we receive identify the problem and allow us to resolve 95% of errors within 10 minutes.

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